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2022 Scholarship Application



My7on7 strives to provide opportunities for all athletes to participate in our non-contact (touch) football league. My7on7 has created a scholarship program which may provide some financial assistance for need-based families.  It is our goal to use these scholarship funds to help those who need it most.


Scholarship Guidelines: Please read carefully

  • A parent or legal guardian of a participant who qualifies for its districts free/reduced lunch program may apply for a scholarship for financial assistance of registration fees.  You must submit a copy of your qualification letter with your scholarship application. If your family does not qualify for the free/reduced lunch program please provide an explanation of extenuating circumstances.
  • Eligibility for our scholarship program does not guarantee that you will receive assistance.  Funds are limited and will be distributed as available on a discretionary basis to those who qualify.
  • Scholarships are limited to a maximum of one per participant per year (families may request multiple scholarships as appropriate for each child ie. 3 children = 3 scholarships). However, if additional funds are available exceptions may be made.
  • Scholarships only apply to the registration fee.  All mandatory equipment (including soft shell helmets and mouth guards) are the responsibility of the parent/guardian and can be purchased during the registration process.


  • Scholarship applicants or families of applicants may be required to fulfill volunteer hours in order to receive funds. More details will be provided upon completion of this application.

Scholarship Policy: Please read carefully

  • All payments must be made online and within seven days of receiving the scholarship acceptance email. Since scholarships are limited and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis to those that qualify.
  • If online payment is not received by the deadline, there is no guarantee that a place will be available for the participant.
  • Scholarships will not be granted for registration fees already paid.
  • Late or incomplete application submissions may result in participants not being placed on a team.
  • Scholarship Applications forms will not be accepted once registration is closed.
  • Scholarship funds will be awarded based on the financial need of the applicant and availability of funds.
  • My7on7 will use reasonable care to keep all information confidential.
  • If at any time the parent or participant is in violation of the My7on7 Code of Conduct policy, future scholarship assistance may be affected. 
  • *Scholarships are non-transferable*

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